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Allura And Lance | Skillet Watching For Comets

lance & allura • listen [season 8 spoilers]

okay so first I'm sorry for the bad quality of some clips. It was so hard to find the episodes in HD ;W; Ahh it took so long to find clips, ...

Allura & Lance AMV || Hands by Orkid

Voltron spoilers ahead!!! #OrdinaryDreamer Song: Hands by Orkid Idea for this AMV comes from ...


Finally, after years and years of fighting alongside each other, Allura agrees to go on a date with Lance! The final season of ...

Allura's Goodbye | Voltron: Legendary Defender | Netflix Futures

Allura bids the paladins an emotional farewell in the final episode of Voltron Legendary Defender, now streaming on Netflix.

Lance✘Allura | Hurt [Season 6 Spoilers!]

[HD] Since I watched season 6 I start shiping Allura and Lance and hate so much Lotor x Allura XD Now I'm more shipper of Allura ...

Mercy /Allura-Lance/

I was just listening to this song at 3am and I immediately thought of Allurance. Is like their anthem. Song- Mercy by Shawn ...

Barry and Iris :: Watching For Comets

Song: Watching For Comets by Skillet CW's The Flash.

Kimi no Na wa - [ AMV ] Watching for comets - Skillet

My first time doing an AMV .... Kimi No Na Wa inspired ... “no copyright infringement is intended"

Mia Wasikowska (Watching for comets)

The 9-th birthday video dedicated to the great and beautiful actress Mia Wasikowska made specially for her 27-th birthday Music: ...

lance kissing allura

um chill this was a joke.

Lance & Allura - Say You Won't Let Go

Hi guys! It's Amber! I haven't uploaded anything in a while. I've had some projects I've been working on, but I haven't been feeling ...

Allura & Lance - Friendzone

honestly this just made itself.

Watching For Comets Full Multiship Mep

Yep another one. And it has my friends name it in. No one was replaced and it was done in 3 days. Yayyyy ❤️Parts❤️ Part 1: ...

SAO // watching for comet's //

Credit : janji wolfy , for helping me Creaters of SAO And skillet anime used - SAO Song used - watching for comet's by skillet And i ...

Beautiful Creatures- Honerva Tribute

This video is about honerva and the shit she delt with. I have to say I liked the pacing for her in this season. While I still disagree ...

Charlotte「AMV」- Watching for Comets

GMX 6th AMV Charlotte Skillet - Watching For Comets.