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Jasonafex: Judgement Day ft. Sor

EDIT 9/29/18: tbh, i'm not that big of a fan of this video. the points could've been better, in the second half it goes downhill.

My Wife Left Me After Playing This Game

Since YT stopped all income to the channel, you can feel free to support me and keep the channel going here: ...

Cuckshack Ep 11 - Kothorix

Gloom or boom? Two jaded assholes talk about the future of the furry community. 2:10 Koth Channel Origins 18:15 Protecting ...


Relatable true story from a fellow gamer com/kabscornerarts com/JasonafexFA

Cuckshack Ep 9 - TwitchyAnimation

A very spicy hot-take episode addressing a lot of lingering issues with the furry community! 1:40 SFM 13:30 Offensive Words ...

U Got That | Jasonafex

New Stream Intro 🤡🎉 twitch U Got That - Halogen #Ricardomilos #Ricardo

Legosi's Social Anxiety in VR

The furry fever dreams continue! com/JasonafexFA #VRChat #Furry #Beastars

Let's Play Bare Back Streets (Alpha Gameplay) - Part 1of 2 Streets So Bare!

Warning Slight 18+ Content, But no worries its blured :D Blackwing here giving you what yall guys enjoy games that are epicly ...

Scary Guy

Wondered what it'd be like to read SJW Twitter at face value. May as well live up to the hype: ------ Music: ...

Pasty Patrol

Take me home to the place where I belong - West Virgigly, Giggly Mama. twitch #VRChat #Furry

Responding to a Response to a Response by Jasonafex about Child Abuse

Here's part two! I wanted it to be just two parts when I was recording this, but I've already been informed that ...

Jasonafex and Kabier Quit the Furry Fandom

So, not too long ago, Jasonafex made a video with his girlfriend Kabier announcing a sort of farewell to the Furry Fandom and ...

Kabier Quits Furries! - Cuckshack (Final)

The end... Or a new beginning? Kabier: newgrounds Me: newgrounds Twitch ...

Jasonafex Stream Outro

Live streams every week over on twitch


Spread the word about, and donate to, The Trevor Project: a nonprofit organization helping LGBTQ+ youth. ...

Cuckshack Ep 3 - Roxas

Hear about our MFF adventure with Roxas! Sneezing courtesy of con crud: 8:30 Hot Border Guard 11:00 AC Dethroned 12:00 ...

Sonicfox Personality Supercut

Recent Sonicfox memes crunched into 2 minutes for Twitter. --- com/JasonafexFA Twoon - ...

Jasonafex Entrance Theme 2k19

Quality content for my Youtube. twitch Stinky Boy Strut - Nelward: ...

Club Amorous in VR

About as close as folks are gonna get to dancing with Coby IRL #VRChat #Furry #Amorous