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Lance And Allura | A Thousand Years

Allurance ~ Thousand Years // A Voltron AMV

Second AMV! I know it's a bit short, but, I just sorta wanted to make an edit of Allurance, and thought this song would fit! So, yeah!

VOLTRON | Allura | A Thousand Years

An Allura Edit!!! (Also our first video!) I just love Allura! She's so fierce and I love the two scenes that I've spliced together here, ...

lance & allura • listen [season 8 spoilers]

okay so first I'm sorry for the bad quality of some clips. It was so hard to find the episodes in HD ;W; Ahh it took so long to find clips, ...

Allura & Lance - Friendzone

honestly this just made itself.

lance kissing allura

um chill this was a joke.

Kallura-A Thousand Years

I ship these two so hard and am really hoping to see their relationship grow and more chemistry between them!❤️ Footage: ...

Mercy /Allura-Lance/

I was just listening to this song at 3am and I immediately thought of Allurance. Is like their anthem. Song- Mercy by Shawn ...

Why did Allura die? — Voltron's Fourced Tragedies

Allura's story is a tragedy, but was it always planned to go that way? Did Allura die to serve the story and the themes of Voltron as ...

Lance & Allura - Say You Won't Let Go

Hi guys! It's Amber! I haven't uploaded anything in a while. I've had some projects I've been working on, but I haven't been feeling ...

someone you loved - lance and allura

idkkk this seemed to fit them song: someone you loved by Lewis Calpadi cartoon: voltron legendary defender i do not own these ...

Lance & Allura - The Other Man

gotta say I actually love this show. season 6 spoilers music is Sloan - "The Other Man" show is Voltron Legendary Defender.

Allura & Lance AMV || Hands by Orkid

Voltron spoilers ahead!!! #OrdinaryDreamer Song: Hands by Orkid Idea for this AMV comes from ...

Never Forget You [Allurance]

What is this? A video with Allura and Lance that ISN'T related to Klance whatsoever? I've made it perfectly clear that I really don't ...

Allura & Lance 80s Style! (This is an art channel now? 👩🏻‍🎨)

Hope you enjoy this speed paint of Lance and Allura from Voltron Legendary Defender in their 80s counterpart's outfits.