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The Tale Of How Princess Allura Chose Her Groom (AMV)

Voltron Amv // Over the Hill- Wax//Wane

A little Voltron amv for you guys! Sorry for not posting much my channel is on a bit of a Haitus.

How Shiro Changed EVERYTHING for Voltron (And Animation As a Whole)

Voltron Season 7 is right around the corner, but I still really wanted to give my thoughts on the big reveal we got for Shiro at San ...

Voltron ~ Animal

Zayde Wolf's Animal to Voltron Legendary Defender. I'm really happy with this one; I finished it in like two days.

Voltron team Amv

So this is a tribute to the Voltron Coalition and team. I hope you guys enjoy please let me know what you think. There were a few ...

Voltron Lance Amv

Hope you guys enjoy please like and subscribe if you wish to you do not have to and thanks for the support and peace out.

'Twas The Night A Voltron Holiday Tail Reaction

Enjoy 'Twas The Night A Voltron Holiday Tail Reaction. Original video 'Twas The Night We Formed Christmas - A Voltron Holiday ...

Emo Boy | Voltron Edit

Please, handsome, don't be coy COME ON FU- Song: Emo Boy - Ayesha Erotica Show and Character: Voltron, Keith Kogane ...