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Why Did Allura Die — Voltron's Fourced Tragedies

Allura's Goodbye | Voltron: Legendary Defender | Netflix Futures

Allura bids the paladins an emotional farewell in the final episode of Voltron Legendary Defender, now streaming on Netflix.

Keith & Allura {Kallura} | Where's my love?

After joining the fandom late and binging it in less than two weeks, I realized that I love them and I had to do a ship video of them.

lance kissing allura

um chill this was a joke.

BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO EZOR??? – Voltron Season 8 Episode 5 Reaction

Is Ezor dead?? When did she die?? Did I miss something??? I'm uploading my Voltron Season 8 reactions every Wednesday and ...

Allura's Dream

idk don't ask.

How Voltron: Legendary Defender Crashed and Burned (ft. Jalisa Weschen)

Big yikes Jalisa's Channel: French Toast's Channel: ...

PSA From Princess Allura

So ya know... Prologue: About The Team Hello, ...

when everyone forgives lotor even though he did bad stuff

first video yooo hope yall enjoy it lol it was an absolute blast to make audio from: youtube

Lance and Keith on crack for almost 3 minutes straight | Klance

Hey there! Firstly, thank you so much for over 600 subscribers and over 60k views on part 1! (Part 1: ...

Allura just f***ing dies

MAIS UM VIDEO MERDA AQUI NO CANAL Esse video pareceu muito mais legal na minha cabeça antes de eu começar a fazer...

[VOLTRON] ❝ milkshake ❞ - badass lance mcclain edit

Hey there! This is supposed to be an Instagram reel but I thought why not post it here too - • Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender ...

Voltron Legendary Defender 4x2 REACTION!! "Reunion"

And now, a new chapter in our journey. Keith has, for the time being, left the Paladins, and joined up with the Blade of Marmora.

Voltron (feat. GameboyJones, Shwabadi, ThighHighSenpai & Tokumei)

Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Voltron (feat. GameboyJones, Shwabadi, ThighHighSenpai & Tokumei) · Rustage Voltron (feat.

Voltron: Legendary Defender 1X09 "Return to the Balmera" Reaction - FalconsCrest

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Voltron ~ Caron Tribute

Track: Lost Sky ~ Need You [NCS Release]

Voltron Two Years Later: A Rant Review From a Past Fan

Voltron Legendary Defender was a funky little show with a quirky little fanbase until it wasn't, and then it REALLY wasn't. Join me ...

How to Get Over the Death of a Fictional Character - WikiVideo

How to Get Over the Death of a Fictional Character The death of a fictional character can feel shockingly upsetting and real.

The Paragon — A Shiro Character Study

What is a "paragon", and how does Shiro's character apply to that? A deep dive into Shiro's character and all the nuances that go ...